Enrollment tuition is $55 per student, per year (family discount plans available) and includes processing of the following:

  • Student application
  • Immunization records or exemption letter (optional)
  • Letter of confirmation for enrollment
  • Previous school records request
  • Attendance records
  • Optional Curriculum Plan Review
  • Review and processing year-end reports

See Reporting Requirements for Spiral Academy required attendance and teaching reports. 


Questions?  Please email us at info@spiralacademy.com



Annual Tuition

Individual Students                   $  55.00
Family Plan A (3 - 4 students)      $ 145.00
Family Plan B (5 + students)        $ 165.00



(all tuitions are annual and non-refundable once applicants are accepted)

Payments can be made by cash, check, money order, credit card (processed through Paypal or Square) or Paypal.

Family Plans are available for families with more than three students enrolled at one time. Only students residing in the same household are eligible for enrollment in the Family Plan program.  Spiral Academy is willing to assist in special circumstances with payment arrangements.




Required Enrollment Forms


Applicants are not considered students until all tuition and required completed paperwork is received by Spiral Academy staff.


The following forms are required at enrollment and included in the Application Package:

  1. Enrollment Application (or you can Enroll Online Now)
  2. Immunization/Exemption Certificate (optional)
  3. Student Record Release Form

Download Application Package
application package requires Adobe Reader. 
You can get Adobe Reader FREE.