***RETURNING AND CONTINUING STUDENTS - Please note the new payment email is now tuition@spiralacademy.com when paying through Paypal**** Payments made to the old email address cannot be retrieved and will NOT be applied to your account. We appreciate your careful attention when submitting payments. 

Spiral Academy is dedicated to serving the needs of homeschooling families, primarily in Colorado, who desire the benefits of private school enrollment with minimal oversight over their educational activities.

Our sole intent is to lend support for academic excellence that is always conducted in the spirit of religious and cultural tolerance.  Religious and political beliefs are not part of Spiral Academy's identity or purpose.  Our students have an eclectic mix of beliefs, political affiliation, and cultural diversity. 

Spiral Academy is not affiliated with any other group or social network with a similar name.


Classroom Learning 3

Students and families are free to educate according to any curriculum or methodology provided they meet the minimum requirements for the state in which they reside.

You use only those Spiral Academy services you desire.  We can assist in choosing a program that best fits your family’s needs.


Key Benefits of Enrolling in Spiral Academy 

  • Educational freedom and flexibility
  • Use only the services you want
  • Convenience of on-line forms
  • No required testing or evaluations*
  • No required notification of your local school district of your educational program* 
  • Repository for previous school records (maintained in Spiral Academy student files)
  • Optional official high school transcripts with grade promotion for school transfers
  • Optional official private elementary, intermediate, and high school diplomas
  • Optional high school transcript service for college entry

                                                                                                       *Colorado only, state laws vary



Information contained on this website is for reference only and not considered as legal advice.  It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to determine whether or not a nonpublic education or homeschool is in compliance with their local statute.