This service is for those students transferring to another school or for students who desire a 4 year non-graduate transcript.  For college bound high school students, see our Graduation Package.

Transcript: one time $15.00 set-up, plus $25.00 per year enrolled at Spiral Academy.


Transcripts service fee includes transcribing of parent reports (see Parent Requirements) to official transcript format, one parent copy, and  one official transcript mailed to the transfer school. For official transcripts mailed to colleges and universities, see our Graduation Package.


Please note: students must be currently enrolled and in good standing (tuition paid for the year) at Spiral Academy to take advantage of this service. 



If the student is transferring to another school during their:


Freshman Year 1-year transcript $ 25.00
Sophomore Year 2-year transcript $ 50.00
Junior Year 3-year transcript $ 75.00
Senior Year 4-year transcript $100.00



Please allow 4 weeks lead time for this service.  Short notice transcript service is available for an additional charge of $10 per transcript grade-year.

Transcripts contain the course names, grades and credits by grade (9th -12th), total credits and yearly and cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).


The contents of transcripts are taken from parent reports and/or an education portfolio.  These reports contain the course names, letter grades and number of credits. Twenty-five (25) credits are required for graduation


See Consultation Service for Spiral Academy staff creation of transcripts if student or family does not supply courses, grades, and credits.

 90-100  A   Excellent
 80-89   B   Good
 70-79   C   Average
 60-69   D   Passing
 Below 60   F   Failing