Graduation Package

High School Graduation Package

High School students have so many options after they have completed their graduation requirements.  Some high school students may choose to pursue a college education after graduation.  Spiral Academy has developed a Graduation Package to help students reach that goal.

Our Graduation Package is $160 and includes:

  • Spiral Academy High School Diploma, with graduation tassel
  • 4-year transcript with transcribing service from parent reports to official transcript format
  • an official student copy of high school transcripts
  • mailing service for up to three colleges

 *Students previously enrolled in Spiral Academy need to be current students with paid tuition in order to request a Graduation Package. New students not currently enrolled in Spiral Academy that want to take advantage of the Graduation Package to finish out their school career will be charged a $55 setup fee.


We understand that sometimes students are unsure of what to do after graduation, therefore we offer the Graduation Package to Spiral Academy students for up to 1 year after successfully completing all graduation requirements.