High School

High School (9th - 12th) Graduation Requirements

The Spiral path to a high school diploma is not a one-size-fits-all program.

There are four study paths to reach graduation day.  These are:

  1. Individualized Education Plan
  2. Career Preparation
  3. College Technical Preparation
  4. College Preparation


See requirements chart below for different requirements of each path.


One Carnegie unit is given for successful completion of one year’s study of one college preparatory or academic subject in high school. This usually equates to 180 hours of instruction or study activity per unit and 90 hours per half unit. Some colleges refer to these as “academic units.”


It’s not required that each full unit of study be the same subject matter for the entire credit.  For example: one year, or one credit of English may consist of several lesser units awarded for sub-area of study such as a quarter unit (1/4 credit) of World Literature, English Literature, American Poets, and Science Fiction. Quarter credits represent approximately 45 hours of study.

For high school gradation requirements of each state in the USA, see the Education Commission of the States